No supported authentication methods available [server sent:publickey]

An SSH client is generally not distributed with Windows by default. Because of this, if you are on Windows, Vagrant will instead output SSH authentication info which you can use with your favorite SSH client, such as PuTTY.

PuTTY may not recognize the insecure_private_key provided by vagrant as a valid private key. To remedy this, first grab the PuTTYgen app. Then use PuTTYgen and import the insecure_private_key (found in the .vagrant.d dir in your home directory) and save a ppk file from that private key. Use the ppk file instead of the default one when SSHing into your vagrant box

  • Install and Open “Putty Gen” application
  • Click “Load” and select the “private_key” as shown on the below screenshot. The folder is where node’s vagrantfile is stored.
  • The key will be imported, and click OK
  • Save the private key with the “.ppk” extension
  • Use this key on your putty session

Now you can SSH via the PUTTY application.

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