IoT Council: The Internet of Things cannot be defined

The Internet of Things cannot be defined

As Internet of Things becomes a household term, it is logical and natural that people want to know what it is. Definitions spring up.

The Internet of Things can be the best possible feedback on my physical and mental health, the best possible deals based on real time monitoring for resource allocation, the best possible decision making based on real time data and information from open sources and the best possible alignments of my local providers with the global potential of wider communities.

Internet of Things is in its essence the seamless flow between the

  • BAN (body area network): the ambient hearing aide, the smart t-shirts…
  • LAN (local area network): the smart meter as a home interface,
  • WAN (wide area network): the bike, car, train, bus, drone…
  • VWAN (very wide area network): the ‘wise’ city as e-gov services everywhere no longer tied to physical locations

Whoever ensures traceability, sustainability and security linking up the gateways is de facto and de jure the new power. We see Google trying to achieve this with the Glass and Lense, the Google Power meter and NEST, the Car and automotive and the wooing discourse of public office by Eric Schmidt and

It is crucial that we organize to create an open source competitor to these gateways to ensure that the future is not old style corporate but truly open, public and inclusive.

In short; Internet of Things will define your future everyday. Best get involved.

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