VMware NSX Micro-segmentation Day 1 Book Available!

VMware NSX Micro-segmentation Day 1 is available for free download! VMware NSX Micro-segmentation Day 1 is a concise book that provides the necessary information to guide organizations interested in bolstering their security posture through the implementation of micro-segmentation.VMware NSX Micro-segmentation Day 1 highlights the importance of micro-segmentation in enabling better data center cyber hygiene. It also provides the knowledge and guidance needed to effectively design and implement a data center security strategy around micro-segmentation.

VMware NSX Micro-segmentation covers the following topics.

  • Micro-segmentation Definition
  • Micro-segmentation and Cybersecurity standards
  • NSX components enabling micro-segmentation
  • Design considerations for micro-segmentation
  • Creating a grouping framework for micro-segmentation
  • Policy creation tools for micro-segmentation

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