Microsoft aims to inject Windows into Android and iPhone

The Fall Creators Update introduces Windows Graph, and means everything from your clipboard to OneDrive files will soon work better cross-platform.

Windows 10 is coming soon. The Fall Creators Update will include ambitious new features, and one of the most potentially interesting is a new way for Microsoft to share experiences across your different devices.

Called Microsoft Graph, the company describes the idea as “an intelligent fabric that helps connect dots between people, conversations, projects and content within the Microsoft cloud — ensuring experiences flow seamlessly between Windows, iOS and Android devices.”

That last part is especially important, as Windows phones remain a virtual nonentity, so any cross-device sharing would have to include easy access from iOS and Android phones and tablets. Note that other companies, including Facebook, also use the term “graph” to describe software tools.

While we haven’t been able to see or try Graph yet, Microsoft offered several examples of how it would work:


The new Windows 10 Timeline view.Microsoft

  • Timeline: Within Windows 10, jump back between versions of files, apps and even websites, using a visual timeline.
  • Pick Up Where You Left Off: Using Cortana, Microsoft’s AI assistant, you’ll be able to leave your Windows 10 PC and pick up at the same place in a document, app or website, even on an iOS or Android device. We don’t currently know what types of documents, apps or browsers are supported.
  • Clipboard: Cut-and-paste data can now transfer between connected devices, including iOS or Android phones. Apple has a similar universal clipboard that works between MacOS and updated iOS devices.
  • OneDrive Files on Demand: This sounds like an easier way to access files of all types stored in Microsoft’s online OneDrive. Rather than just using OneDrive as a locker and downloading files to use them, it will be easier to view and edit them in the cloud (some OneDrive files already work this way).

These announcements, along with updates on VR hardware availability, and new photo and video tools, are all part of Microsoft Build 2017, the company’s annual developer’s conference. Microsoft recently held a more hardware-focused event in New York, where it announced the student-friendly Windows 10 S and the new Surface Laptop, a high-end PC for college students.

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